• pnkansah007

Zodwa Wabantu leaves th!rsty men salivating as she parad3s her r@w g00dies on stage [Video]

South Afric@n socialite Zodwa Wabantu is always on the spotlight and this time for doing what she is best known for, being an entertainer and sh0wing 0ff a lot of skin.

Overwhelmed by the love and support she has been receiving from fans as she has resumed her duties as a dancer at clubs, she has taken her excitement a b!t too far.

Zodwa has previously explained that she was comfortable k!ssing her fans and being touched while performing, saying she will walk away if she f33ls uncomfortable.

“Guys, whether you touch me or whether you do whatever to me when I am on stage, I don’t have a problem with that,” Zodwa said.




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