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A Video Of a young man runs m@d in the stre3ts after failed m0ney ritu@l attempt [Watch Video]

There was drama after a young man ran m@d in the streets after seeking the services of a qu@ck witchdoct0r

The young man had travelled to a nearby State

to undergo m0ney ritu@ls in his pursuit of qu!ck riches but things turned south. An eyewitness said: “This is what we have been telling our young men that they should stop m@d pursuit of wealth.

“This guy that has just run m@d showed traces of a Yahoo b0y and the ritu@ls they are into has backfir3d and the result is what we are seeing now.

“A good number of them have run m@d and d!ed in places like Ado and Ikere and this is a lesson to others who are into Yahoo sc@m and Yahoo Plus.”

A video shared online shows the young man, who is in his early twenties, yelling in the stre3ts while half nak.3d after going bonk3rs

Young people should learn to work hard and avoid going for short-cvts

Watch The Video Below