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Woman st3als the show at wedding with her huge ‘melons’ falling out of her bra [Video]

By Admin . July 9,2021

An incredibly busty woman st0le the spotlight from the bride at a wedding reception in Nigeria after she st0rmed the venue with her heavily loaded ch3st.

The wedding guest brought the wedding to a standstill when her huge mel0ns, which became the centre of attracti0n for the audience, almost fell out of her bra after she took to the dancefloor to boogie.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the plus-size lady is seen dancing with a young man struggling to get hold of her heavily endowed backs!de.

As she bent down to tw3rk for him, her heavy br3ast that were begging for air in the t!ghtly stra.pped bra came sliding out.

She managed to push them back inside her bra by standing upright while she danced carefreely.

After the video surfaced online, it caused massive traff!c on social media with many people expressing varied views about the wedding guest.

Watch the video below.