• pnkansah007

Woman heav!ly att@cked for wearing a reve@ling outfit in public [video]

A video making rounds on social media sh0w a wom@n being har@saed for what she is dr3ssing and being called all s0rts of hvrting names.

She is wearing a fishn3t outfit which is reve@ling her undergarm3nts and st@nding insid3 a shop where she is being ro@sted left, right and center.

Well, in Afric@ due to decent cultur3 and beliefs, there are certain types of cl0thing, people would not exp3ct anyone to walk 0ut of their hom3s wearing, unlike in West3rn countries where a pers0n wears what they f33l like wearing without fe@ring any judgem3nt from the publ!c

In the video, people can be he@rd verb@lly @bus!ng her calling her names lik3 a dem0n. L00k at you, you are a dem0n, one lady can be he@rd. 👇👇👇👇👇




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