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Wild video of Slay Queen being Ch0pping in swimming pool hits online [Watch Video]

A video of Slay Queen, being ‘ch3wed’ in a swimming pool has surfaced on social media and fast going viral on all the media platforms.

Instead of waiting to get home to exchange fluids in peace or book a room, these Kerewa starved lovers turned a swimming pool into a lodging. Just like goats or cows on h£at, the youthful lovers ££ngaged fluid inside the pool after thirst became too much to overcome.

A snoopy person who witnessed the two lovers turning the swimming pool into a lodging recorded the video and circulated it online.

In the video, the slay queen was with the dude in a swimming pool and despite the several people gathered, they rocked it.

What makes the video heartbreaking is the fact they were being videoed whiles they enjoy themselves but they just didn’t care.

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