• pnkansah007

Wild video of high-r0lling Sl@y Queens getting c0zy during b@dgirls trending on Social Media [Watch]

Before the outbreak* of coronavirus, it was ‘parte after parte’ in various night clubs in major towns across the country.

But now, the danceflo0r is gathering dust after Government ordered all night clubs shut down.

Now partying has moved from night clubs to houses. House part!es are in plenty despite the Government pleading with citizens to practise social distancing to stop the spread of the d3adly corona virus.

Sl@y queens engage in reckles$ behaviours while drvnk during house parties and end up curs!ng men forever after falling pregn@nt and contract!ng d3adly STDs.

In this video that has emerged online, sl@y queens were spott3d getting lo0sein a house party after being marinat3d with alcoh0l.

These mzansi Sl@y Queens were busy having a swimwea*r party, watch this video below and see how others are doing am!d coronavirus crisis.




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