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Whatsapp Chats of a pastor begging his teenage female youth leader to come home for an affair

Updated: Jan 7

January 6, 2021

Whatsapp Chats of a pastor begging his teenage female youth leader

A WhatsApp chat between a pastor and a teenage female youth leader of his church has found it’s way to social media.

The unidentified pastor in the chat has been taking advantage of the young and naïve teenager at the least of opportunity.

According to the chats, the man of God is having an affair with the lady at the blind side of her parents.

Since the parents on the other hand have trusted so much their daughter, she takes delight in doing it. It appears she has had about 2 abortions already for the pastor.

Uncertain on how the chat surfaced on social media, the ‘rapscallion’ pastor in the chat begged the lady to come over to his house to be bonked again in an exchange for money.

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