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What’s Happening To Our Youth? – SHS Students Having A “Good Time” In Class Surface Online (+Video)

By Admin . August 26,2021

There’s a saying that if you want to know the future of a country, watch the youth of that nation and you will have a clear knowledge of the kind of future the country is going to have.

However, we can also argue that children learn from the elderly most times, and as a result, we can’t single out the youth of the country for criticism and accusations. We all deserve some piece of the bile.

We are in a country where old men take the slightest advantage to have an affair with young ladies and that’s just one of the many reasons why our youths are gradually going wayward.

Another video spotted online captured, two Senior High School Students engaging in a “good time” after school hours.

This is not the rodeo of Senior High School students misbehaving and displaying flagrant conduct — it’s a worrisome issue that needs solving.