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We’ll keep exchanging your l!ves with Benz since you don’t want to work hard and make your own m0ney

By Admin . August 31,2021

A yet-to-be-identified man believed to be involved in sakawa has been captured in a video shared on social media justifying why the sacrif!ce slay queens to sustain their wealth.

The video which we obtained from the Instagram page of blogger SoCalledCeleb, highlighted the moment the young boy said they will continue k.ll slay queens and other women who don’t want to work hard but hang around fra.ud boys to spend their m0ney.

According to him, Sakawa boys will exchange the l!ves of slay queens to fund their lavish lifestyles and drive all the latest cars around, then move to the next slay queen and spend the money with her after which they repeat the same cycle.


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