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Watch How Boyfriend Beat Up Girlfriend Over A Heated Argument [Vid

By Admin . September 7,2021

This is to remind all young ladies or women out there to stay out of any toxic or abusive relationship. Marriage has never been by force because you make your decision to marry someone, there’s a popular saying in marriage which is for better for worst, this does not mean you ought to accommodate or allow an abusive partner.

It is quite sad to see that violence isn’t lessening in any way. In the video below that has gone viral, it appears that this man has not even proposed to her yet and has already begun striking her.

The only thing that ever is sensible is for a lady to hit another woman. you’ll bring a woman to her knees or scold her during a sort of ways, counting on things. One thing is certain: striking or hitting her isn’t one among the choices available to you. once you watch the video you’ve provided, you’ll witness what a person does to his partner, and it’s heartbreaking.

This is often simply due to the very fact that they’re a more fragile vessel as compared to others. and since she was powerless to defend herself, the person began pounding her with great force on the bottom .

When asked about the video, most of the people said they do not have any issue with the person abusing his girlfriend, but they did have a problem with the person who recorded the film.

They asserted that he should be the one who gets apprehended or arrested during this situation. at the end, what is the point of continuing to videotape them when he has the power to physically separate or prevent them from fighting? That lady would die if he doesn’t stop them.