• pnkansah007

W!ld video of Sl@y Queen’s b00bs fall!ng out as she dances at club trending On social media

W!ld video of Sl@y Queen’s b00bs falling

out as she dances at club causes st!r online

In a video going viral, an over excited sl@y queen was spott3d dancing happily at a n!ght club without taking into account the dr3ss she is w3aring.

From her behaviour, she cared less about what she is w3aring to the extent that she was jump!ng to show her ‘goods’ in the t!ght 0utfit.

We don’t know if she was drvnks she was h!gh or it’s just her mood but to dance for her br3ast to come out is really ‘d!sturbing’.

Interestingly, after her b000bs came 0ut, she just held them with one hand and continued dancing.




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