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Viral video of Nurses practicing d.0ggy style in the classroom hit online [Watch]

By Admin . August 10,2021

Ghanaian Nurses are known to be very romantic and mature when it comes to keeping men in their “pockets” and treating them well.

A viral video on social media gives an account of Ghanaian nurses being taught how to practise and master d.0ggy style in the classroom.

These nurses are being introduced to the other aspects of s3.xual education where they are made to understand the various s3.xual positions and how they can replicate them.

In the video, a nurse was seen making an illustration of the various positions one can adopt in during s3.xual intercourse as she was standing on a high table with her knee bend and her chest leaned to the table.

As she changes the positions, a teacher supposedly was seen standing by her explaining the position and social media users have shared their various opinions about citing it as genupectorial position.

Watch the video below;