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A Video Of Two Ladies F!ghting For Man, And One D!d Something Str@nge [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . June 8,2021

We always hear and see news of ladies f!ghting each other 0ver a man, and it is honestly embarr@ssing.

There is no need to f!ght another woman when the man is in the wr0ng, sl@p him instead. Anyway a video on social media went viral after two ladies were att@cking each other vi0lent 0ver a man.

The video was captured in the mall, and the ladies had no inch of embarr@ssment in themselves, so they publ!cly f0ught.

The man s3em to be ch3ating on his gir!friend,and when she c@ught them together with his side,she grabb3d the other lady by het thr0at and sl@pped her around like she was nothing. All the man did who they were f!ghting for was just standing there watching.

Ladies let us stop f!ghting for man, you are better than embarr@ssing yourself in publ!c for a man who would never f!ght for you like this.

Watch the video below;