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Video: Pretty University graduate goes mad immediately after dumping boyfriend who sponsored her edu

Pretty University graduate goes mad immediately after leaving boyfriend who sponsored her education.

In a video trending on social media captures a beautiful university graduate on the street behaving abnormal.

The lady can easily be tagged as mad person because she had no dress on. Lady runs mad after dropping from a guy’s Benz car

According to reports, the lady dumped her boyfriend who financed her education and promised to marry her after graduation.

In the video, the lady was seen n@k3d on the street and you could tell that this madness.

It was revealed that, the boyfriend took responsibilities of the lady like a parent, pay her fees from jhs to university because he loved her and wanted to marry her.

After the lady successfully graduated from the university, she felt the man wasn’t her type and decided to dump him for a younger guy.

It is obvious that anger and broken heart made this man to cast a spell on her.

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