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Video of Zodwa Wabantu being gr0ped by male fans caus3s St!r On Social Media [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . May 31,2021

A video of South Afric@n entertainer and real!ty TV star, Zodwa Wabantu, being t0uched inappropriate!y by male fans while she performed, caus3d outrag3 on social media.

Zodwa Wabantu once aga!n t0pped the trends list this as fans vo!ced their opin!on of the video which has been circulating.

The video, which s3ems to have been shar3d by a fan who was at the performance, sh0ws Zodwa speak!ng to fans while on stage.

Dr3ssed in a thong-l!ke dr3ss, Zodwa started dancing, and it was then that a few men started to gr@b her backs!de .

Watch the video below;