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Video of McBrown sl3eping in Maxwell's arms while sw!mming in Dubai st!rs react!0ns [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . May 21,2021

Actress and TV presenter Nana Ama McBrown will not be hosting United Showbiz on UTV this Saturday.

The actress is currently out of the country on a vacation to the United Arab Emirates. McBrown is specifically at the fam0us Palm Jumeirah Islands in Dubai.

In a video from their vacation, the husband and wife have been sp0tted having fun while sw!mming.

In the video sighted by online, McBrown and Maxwell are seen ins!de a sw!mming pool with the actress l3aning on her husband.

At a point, the happy-looking McBrown bent her head and put it in the bosom of the Maxwell while smiling for the camera.

Watch the video below;