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Video Of a Young Man caught allegedly r@ping a lady and trying to pluck out her eyes

Hi Hilarious as Young man caught allegedly r@ping a lady and trying to pluck out the eyes of the lady.

A Nigerian man has been nabbed by the police for r@ping and removing the eyes of a woman in Oluwatuyi, Akure in Ondo Stata.

The viral video below captured the moment an angry mob beat the man with a plank while his victim lay weak next to him on the floor.

In the graphic footage, the victim is seen lying unclad beside her alleged attacker, with bl00d on the floor beside her body.

She appears weak and unable to move.

Those speaking in the video are heard saying the man r@ped the woman and was in the process of removing her eyes when he was caught.

The alleged attacker was paraded unclad alongside his victim and beaten with a plank on Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021.

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