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Video of 13 years boy caught on camera rolling weed to smoke in the market [Watch Now]

Shocking as 13 years boy caught on camera rolling weed to smoke in the market in new video.

It will interest you to know that there are some things the schools going children do at blindside their parents.

The least they thought they are in school learning or on their way back home as school is closed for the day.

The narrative above stems from the fact that we have seen a viral video that captured a pupil doing the unthinkable.

In the video, it is established that a student was spotted rolling a ‘Spliff’ to smoke in the market. He was busy rolling the Indian hemp as if he was having a cold turkey.

After noticing that he was being recorded, he took to his heels.

At such an age, many social media users are shocked and are asking who sold the drugs to him and how he started smoking in the first place.

The video upon hitting the internet attracted mixed reactions, having many expressed their views in shock while others apportioned blame on the parent.

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