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Franca Caus3 a Massiv3 Confusi0n on Social Media As She Tw3rk H3r He@vy B@cksid3 [Watch Video]

Efya Franca is one of Ghanaian's popul@r actress and she is popul@rly know us Franca1.

She has a 51.6k follow3rs on Instagr@m and she lives in Kumasi. Efya Franca is a type of l@dy who has he@vy b@cksid3.

Franca p0sted a new video on h3r instagr@m page which has been caus3s a massiv3 confusi0n on social media.

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In the video you see that Franca tw3rking h3r he@vily b@cksid3 and sp0tted dance as well. Franca follow3rs quick!y re@ct to the video by comm3nts on the video.Some of h3r follow3rs ta!ks positively about the video while other ta!ks neg@tiv3ly about it.