• pnkansah007

“VIDEO”Businessman teaches a street hustler how to make money from the street & become his own boss

A businessman motivated a street hustler to become his own boss.

A businessman is being referenced as a source of motivation to many street hustlers after he changed the life of one person.

It all started after the hustler attempted to clean the windscreen of the businessman’ car. The latter paused him and gave him a package of nose mask to sell instead of wiping windscreens.

Yes, he sold it all out and even pleaded for a more package from the businessman who in turn gave him two more sets.

The street hustler in hours sold it off, and he had his business changed to another as captured in the video beneath.

He testified on camera that, his colleague street dudes at that moment were contacting him for work.

He was so happy and thankful that he is now making some cool cash from his business.

The video is so inspiring…

Watch the video below: