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Upro@r as Sl@y Queen uses her b!g Nyash to woo people to church [Watch Video ]

Uproar as Sl@y Queen uses her b!g Nyash to woo people to church….

A video of Dr. Ofweneke’s ex-wif3,

Nicah the Queen, fl@unting her ass3ts while adv3rting a famous church in Nairobi has spark3d a lot of re@ction online.

Nicah is a well-known high-end fl3sh pedd!er who masquerad3s as a gospel artist.

The church she was adv3rtising has its ro0ts in Nigeria and it was founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

She was dres$ed to k!ll in a tight sk!rt that exp0sed her ju!cy ass3ts that left men with wishful th!nking .

Is this how churches are adv3rtised these days? Well check out the video below :



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