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A viral video of lady shows raw backside as she b3gs for money from Don Jazzy on social media [Watch

By Admin . Admin 20,2021

In a viral video on Twitter is a lady in bikini modeling her raw backside to get attention from popular Nigerian musician Don Jazzy. The video was posted by Twitter account user with username Dami which according to her account means Damilola. She is a Nigerian model and an online promoter.

The video she posted was captioned “@DONJAZZY what’ya think about my runway strut to @ayrastarr’s bloody Samaritan song”. The song Bloody Samaritan by Ayra Starr was the song playing at the background that she was modeling with on her runway.

Dami later added some comments under the post and these comments suggested she needed something from Don Jazzy, as a result going half n@ked for him in video just to get his attention over the social media.

Dami begged for m0ney or capital to start a brother’s business from Don Jazzy in the comment, adding her brother’s account number so that the m0ney could be sent through it should in case Don Jazzy agrees to send the money.

She commented; “@DONJAZZY please anytime you’re free, take a look at my pinned tweet please. I’m a model, vixen and online promoter I haven’t really had any online gigs. I really need the capital and funds to support my brother’s business.”

She also retweeted a quoted tweet of her tweet to ask her followers and everyone that comes across it to retweet until Don Jazzy sees it.