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Two Thievs Beat3n Mercilessly And Arrest3d In Accra After They Were C@ught St3aling [watch now]

By Ghpatoo . May 25,2021

See how these two pickpockets were beat3n by area boys and arrest3d by the police in Accra after they were c@ught in the act this afternoon

Most of the time, these young thiev3s normally carry out their operation standing by ‘trotro’ cars and pretend!ng they are passengers just

Before you sit in the car, they have already taken whatever they plan of st3aling from you without you knowning.

In a video sighted by social media, you can see how they were beat3n by the area boys after they were c@ught.

They should thank their God that, a police man rushed there to control the crowd, else they would have beat3n them to the extend that they won’t be able to walk or even open the!r eyes.

Watch the video below;