• pnkansah007

Twitter Agenda Boys Kwadwo Piano and Beno Sarkcess Pregn@nt Annie Love [Photo]

Social media has now become the avenue for people to get their lov3 as well as, connect with their long lost friends and family.

But some people who are loud and have large following on the network are using it as an opportunity to be ch0pping ladies due to their small influence.

Well, a Twitter influencer identified as Annie Love has gotten herself attach3d to two of such people and she is now pregn@nt for them with one even l3aked her nud3 pictures online.

According to the information we had from social media, Annie Love was in a relati0nship with Beno Sarkcess but at the same time, she was b@ing Kwadwo Piano.

See photos of them below: