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Traffic stops as two guys f!ght in the middle of a r0ad trend on social media [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . May 1,2021

A r0ad rage braw! between two tradies who traded punches in the middle of the str3et brought peak hour traffic to a standstill.

The two men, one dr3ssed in a hi-vis shirt, threw punches and grappl3d with each other on the median str!p.

One of the men is tackl3d to the gr0und dangerous!y close to cars driving at speed on lanes in the other direction before he pushes the other man back towards the stopped traffic.

One driver then appears to get out of his car to intervene and attempt to stop the two men braw!ing.

More then 100 people commented on the clip with many venting their frvstration at the rush hour f!ght.

Watch the video below;