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Tracey Boakye rendered speechless as die-hard fan tattoos her face on her back [video]

By Admin . August 18,2021

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Tracey Boakye undoubtedly has a lot of die-hard fans and one of them just got a tattoo of the film maker at her back.

Being a celebrity is sometimes a blessing when one considers the love and support they receive from fans all over the world.

It takes a great deal of love for one to care for a person they know only through their works or sighting them on TV screens.

A number of Ghanaian celebs have been fortunate to have die-hard fans who would do anything to express their love for them.

Some of them go as far as getting a haircut of their favourite celebrity on their head, dressing up like them, attending all their shows or even getting a tattoo of their idols on their body.

Just recently, a lady who is no doubt a strong fan of Tracey Boakye, willfully went through the pain of getting a bust size tattoo of the actress on her back. However, that was not all she did.

The lady tattooed the actress face on her back and inked her slogan ‘His Only Boss chick’ under it . She also recorded the whole process.

Sharing the video on social media speechless Tracey Boakye wrote : “OMG!!! Who is she? 😢😢😢 ❤️❤️❤️. I owe you girl! Damn! 😘

Watch the video below :