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“They Asked Me To Bring My Mother But I Refuse”- Yahoo Boy Confesses

By Admin . August 30,2021

A very young and fine looking guy have run mad following his refusal to offer her personal mother to the gods or the deities that provided all his wealth to him in a form of sacrifice. The young man was once considered on the streets half bare and appears like going mad.

In a video shared via DITABHEY on Instagram, the suspected yahoo boy was spotted roaming the streets, confessing that he refused to sacrifice his mom for ritual that’s why he’s now insane. This world is progressively turning into very scare and full of surprises.

Now many young guys in their 20's are simply in search of quick money and becoming extremely wealthy which later leads them all to these things.

The alleged sakawa guy revealed all these secret to a motorist who confronted him on the streets when it appears the guy was all by myself shouting and crying making a declaration that "I can't kill my mother".

In the video the man was considered being extremely drunk and going insane. He made many revelations to the motorist about him being wealthy and owning many vehicles which includes the likes of Benz, Corolla and many luxury things.