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The Posture Of This Man In These Pictures Have Got Many Talking On Social Media [Watch]

By Admin . August 23,2021

Ladies normally have a particular posture when taking pictures and men also have theirs. But the gentleman in this picture has propelled many Ghanaians to ask whether he is a man or a 'woman'.

The way he raised one of his hands with the 'two sure' sign and the style of the hand made some Ghanaians say that he is a man but behaving like a lady.

Others said that he can never be a lady because he doesn't have a breast. Ghanaians who came across this picture also raised concern about his huge backside.

They argued that his backside looks bigger than the normal buttocks of men. Others said that God created him in His own image and to God, this is the perfect body for him.

Watch the picture below;