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Tens!on in Spain As Hundreds Of Ghanaians St0rm Streets To Pr0test Aga!nst Akufo Addo [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . June 14,2021

Ghanaians living in Spain today has st0rmed the streets of Valencia to pr0test against Akufo Addo for p00r governance. This demonstration is part of the pr0test initiated by Ghanaians on social media tagged as fixthecountry campaign for the government to f!x the system that is currently not working for Ghanaians.

Photos that have since gone viral on social media saw hundreds of Ghanaians who also support the fixthecountry campaign bearing the country flag on the streets of Spain to send their grievanc3s to pres!dent Akufo Addo.

In the Photos are placards painted with fixthecountry tags written boldly on them, some in English and others in Spanish. While Ghana Police has tried every means to prevent the pr0test in Ghana, other Ghanaians living in the diaspora has taken 0ver the campaign.

The fixthecountry campaign started from twitter which went viral few weeks ago. It's was however interc3pted by counter tag by section of Ghanaians as fixyourself but the determined Ghanaians seem not to rest until the system is f!xed.

Here are some interesting photos from Spain for your consumption