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Tega Ignores Her Marital Status And Gets “Busy” With Boma In The Lounge Room [Video]

By Admin . September 5,2021

Tega has decided to ignore the fact that she is married and gone ahead to hook up with Boma in the Loung room at the Big Brother House.

Few weeks ago, Tega was trending on most social media platforms after she kissed Boma for 10 seconds during a game of truth and dare.

After the game, they spend the night in each other’s arms under the duvet and played with each other’s genitals.

Well, Tega’s husband came to her defense by saying that he was the first person to dishonour their marriage by cheating on her in their matrimonial home.

Tega who clearly doesn’t care about what her husband thinks or feels decided to take her romance with Boma to another level.

While in the lounge room, Boma is seen on top of Tega smooching and making love to her.