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Student br3aks the intern3t as she writes final exams in her w3dding dr3ss[Watch Video]

By Ghpatoo . May 24,2021

A student from Nigeri@ has pulled a remarkabl3 stvnt that will definitely be etch3d into one of her unforgettabl3 memories after she she wrote her final exams in her w3dding gown.

According to reports, the exams she was supposed to take was rescheduled by the University authorities to May 22, which coinc!ded with her already planned w3dding ceremony.

To this end, she wore the gown probably after the w3dding and st0rmed the exams centre accompan!ed by her husband as other students star3d in amazem3nt.

The video has since warm3d the h3arts of net!zens, some of whom fl00d the comm3nt section to pass inter3sting comm3nts.

Watch the video below;