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‘Some Guys Are Heartless I Visited This Guy, He Offered Me Cornflakes, And This Happened’ - Lady

By Admin . July 9,2021

A woman on Twitter has recounted the events that transpired after she paid a visit to a male acquaintance. She recounted how she had come to see him and how the unexpected had occurred while she was there.

In her own words, she claimed that there was a time when she went to visit a person with whom she engaged in conversation, gisted, and laughed. He then offered her cornflakes, which she gratefully accepted and drank from the bowl.

When she had done sipping her cornflakes, something unexpected happened to her. In the dish she was using, the lady poured water into it and then drank it all. Somebody who sees nothing wrong with what you're doing will just d!smiss it as a regular occurrence.

The fact that it wasn't a typical occurrence for the guy, contrary to what she expected, prompted him to respond in the manner described by the lady, who stated the look on his face said everything. After that, the gentleman instructed her to return home with the plate, prompting her to remain silent until she had left his home and returned with the plate.

My friend and I once went out to eat and he offered me cornflakes. As I finished my meal, I poured water into a plate and mixed it up before drinking it. The look on his face was priceless. He then informed me that I could take the plate with me anywhere I wanted to go with it. I didn't say anything till I was leaving his house with the platter."

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