• pnkansah007

Slay Queen beaten to pulp for stealing iPhone 12; video drops [watch]

In a case of what could be described as everyday for the thief, and one day for the owner, a Slay Queen has met her waterloo after stealing an iPhone 12.

Rather than handing her over to the police, the group of boys who busted her decided to take laws into their hands by beating her up severely.

In a video circulating on social media, a group of angry men could be seen assaulting the lady after accusing her of stealing.

The viral video lasted for 2 minutes, and it showed how badly the angry men beat her after they found the missing phone on her.

She was kicked on the head several times, beaten badly and dragged. The lady pleaded with them to stop beating her but they refused.

The phone was returned back to the owner but the lady wasn’t spared as the angry men descended on her with whips, kicks and punches.

Watch the video below :



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