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Sl@y Queens handcuffed & disgraced after a man left them in a hotel with huge bill [video]

By ghpatoo. May 15,2021

A video that has been making the rounds on social media has left netizens in stitches and they are asking if this a case of all men are scum or is about some women too lazy to work hard to foot their own bills?..

Some South Afric@n sl@y queens were left in a very embarr@ssing situation after a man took them to a hotel to have fun but what seemed to be fun was later a bitter lesson for those women.

H0T Video: Guy Who K!lled Lady who came For Job Interview Advertise Online Speaks And Reveal Why

In the video, one of the three women wearing all black is seen handcuffed and keeps telling the cleaner to get a job. She can also be heard threat3ning to sue the person taking the video.

Watch the video below :