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Singer, King Promise Gr!nds Efya’s Backs!de In The K!tchen As They J@m to His New Song [Video]

By Ghpatoo . May 24,2021

We never imagined singer King Promise and colleagu3 Efya had such great chem!stry and were so f0nd of each other.

The two gifted singers app3ar to be more than industry colleagu3s who have a thr!ving relationsh!p 0ff screen.

Their chem!stry was put to light in a video gone viral where Efya, wearing only linger!e, was s3e gr!nding King Promise in the k!tchen.

Efya was captur3d tw3rk!ng in the @rms of King Promise as they jamm to his new sm@sh single sl0w d0wn.

Watch the video below;