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Silhouette Challenge videos takes social media by storm as internet catches fire [Watch Now]

Silhouette Challenge….. Naughty ladies has left thirsty men gasping for air as they flood social media with steamy videos.

The internet has been crazy with hoter chics displaying their backside on Twitter in a competition that has since seen people rate their standards. It is called the ‘SilhoutteChallenge’.

Dubbed #silhouettechallenge, the challenge allows girls, in particular, show their curves and melons by creating silhouette visuals using Snapchat and TikTok’s latest filter.

Due to its silhouette-esque feature, ladies can go ‘raw’ without any of their sensitive body parts left in plain sight while escaping most social media apps’ policies on nud¡ty.

The challenge comes with the use of American-Canadian singer Paul Anka’s hit single “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”, which is used as a background music due to its slow chord progression.

So far, the silhouettechallenge hashtag has garnered over 40,000 tweets – with the trend dominated by hot videos featuring hot girls.

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