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Side chicks shouldn’t be criticised when a husband decides to cheat on his wife” JJ Rawling’s 2nd wo

Updated: Jan 4

January 3, 2021.

After the death of Former President, Jerry John Rawlings, a mysterious woman popped up identified as Nathalie Yamb.

She’s a diplomat from Ivory Coast and it has been established that she’s the side-woman of the former president for close to a decade before his death.

Well, Nathalie Yamb has a simple message for people who have probably been on her neck after this truth about her dating Rawlings secretly popped up.

In an Instagram post, she noted that ‘side chicks’ should not be blamed when a man decides to cheat on his wife.

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According to her, it is the man who has broken his vow of staying loyal to his wife so no blame should be shifted to the side woman.

She wrote: “Let us hope that in 2021, when a man, no matter how famous, will be unfaithful to his wife, those who have nothing to do but comment on the lives of others will criticize him and not his «side chicks», because he is the one who promised loyalty and broke the contract.”

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