• pnkansah007

SHS Students Caus3s Massiv3 St!r On Social Media As They Tw3rk Lik3 Sl@y Queen In Their Host3l[Vide

Senior high school has become a middl3 level education in Ghana.

$ee how 0ur futur3 lead3rs are sp0tted tw3rking in a video that is caus!ng m0re st!r online.

Social media has caus3d a lot of g00d and b@d in 0ur education in a sens3 that when student are been den!ed acc3ss to social media rese@rch and other assignment$ would be difficu!t for some students.

According to the video this female students were in their host3l tw3rking lik3 a sl@y queens.

Some of this students would one day become 0ur future lead3rs but $ee what they have start3d d0ing online .




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