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SHS Student W@nted Her Teacher To Ch0p Her For Good Grades Goes Viral Watch Now]

By Admin . June 21,2021

SHS students are always up to something every time and we are here to always bring you their latest g!st and sscapades.

The latest gist trending on social media is that of an SHS student offering to ch0p and warm the bed of her mathematic teacher.

A chat of a female Senior high school student offering to warm her male teacher bed goes viral as she sends him her h0t photo to confirm that she was very serious.

The female student sent suggestive messages to her mathematics teacher identified as Mr. Samuels and revealed that she wishes to help him. When he asked how she intends to do that, she offered to warm his bed, saying that she noticed he has not been himself since his wife l3ft.

Although he tried to prevent her in a light manner, that did not have any effect as she then sent a h0t photo and insisted.