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SHS girl tears another girl’s ‘G-str!ng’ pant as they exchange blows on campus [WATCH VIDEO ]

On Monday, Many south Africans took to social media to share their outrage when the video of a female pupil being assaulted by another female pupil surfaced.

The [department] has summarily suspended two pupils, pending the disciplinary hearing, who attacked a pupil shown in the gruesome video clip that is being circulated on social media,” it said in a statement on Tuesday.

The department said the school was directed to finalise the disciplinary processes within seven days. .”

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The department’s legal services officials have also been directed to assist the victim to open a police case and to contact the social media platforms’ administrators with the aim of removing the video and blocking its circulation.

“The Department of Education wishes to appeal to members [of] the public to refrain from circulating [the] humiliating video clip as further circulation will only serve to inflict more harm to the dignity of the victim for the rest of her life.”




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