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Senior High school girls causes massive stir with her wild tw3rking skills [Video]

By Admin . August 12,2021

A female student of Tweneboah Kodua SHS twerking has popped up online and it’s really a must-watch.

The young girl in the video is seen in her school uniform twér-k!ng seductively to the camera.

Judging from the way she does it, you can tell she’s not ashamed to do it even in her school uniform.

The current trend of SHS girls coming out with videos of themselves doing twé-rk or discussing profanity is becoming rampant nowadays.

The SHS girls are now giving us more of their twér-king videos and a new one always hit the scene each and every day.

They come from the second cycle institutions and it seems the discipline level in these schools is way below par.

Watch the video below: