• pnkansah007

Selfie photo of Mona the alleged “mad man” causes stirs online [Photo + Video]

Strange as a man alleged to be mentally unstable identified as Mona mobl3 has caused stirs after taking a phone from a passerby and taking selfie by himself.

The alleged mad man met a guy on the street who after watching a video of him on Twitter decided to take a selfie with him.

In the video, the alleged mad man took the phone from the guy and had a selfie picture with him.

According to the video, the mad man could be heard talking about him being the eater, not the farmer.

He continued that he doesn’t want to work for someone to harvest but rather he will be a standby for the harvest time so he can help in harvesting

He doesn’t like to work before he eats so he prefer people to work then he will only eat.

This has made citizens to wonder if in deed his actually mentally insane or he is just pretending