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See the 200-year-old slave gun used by the Portuguese in killing slaves in Ghana [Video]

By Admin . September 1,2021

A man believed to be a caretaker at the Osu Castle has shown to the public the rare 200-year-old slave gun that was used by the Portuguese to kill slaves in Ghana.

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive in 1471; other Europeans, including the British, arrived later, attracted first by gold, ivory and timber, and later by the lucrative slave trade.

England, Portugal and Denmark all competed for the business, in the process of building forts along the coast which have become magnets for tourists. With its gold and accessible coastline, Ghana became the centre of European activity in West Africa.

And one of the weapons they used in fighting for supremacy was the gun which many Africans were not privy to at the time.

The gun which looks old in the video below is at the depository of the Osu Castle according to the man who was showing to to some visitors.