• pnkansah007

Sandra Benede causes massive stir as she parad3s her 5GB c00kie jar on social media

US based Nigerian model and ex-beauty queen Sandra Benede has once again set

social media on fire with her latest adult photo.

Sandra isn’t one to shy away from going sultry* on social media and the Former Miss Minna just reiterated that fact by recently sharing p@ntless snaps.

Sandra Benede’s new photos sighted by ghpatoo.com captures the young lady completely p@ntless as she flaunts her goods giving the male fratern!ty a view of what she hides in her clothes.

Well, although we couldn’t avoid talking about what we saw in her photo, her caption was what really caught our attention.

Sandra Benede captioned her photo while sharing it on Instagram: “Come lemme l!ck you”

Well, thirsty* men couldn’t help but flood her Instagram timeline with lustful comments