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"Sakora Machine:"Ghanaians React To Black Sheriff New Hairstyle .

By Admin . August 19,2021

The new sensational artist in Ghana right now is Black Sheriff. The 19-year-old Konongo boy was able to win many hearts in Ghana and abroad after he explained his personal life situation in singing. Indeed, many people felt the originality in the track.

He named his tracks “Sermon” and he is always found wearing a cap or his head is fully covered in all his videos and interviews.

However, he posted an image of himself yesterday and Black Sheriff was wearing no cap or hair. Indeed, the hair is clearly shaved and this image shocked many of his followers.

Some of them decided to attribute names to his new look whiles others too were heaping praises at him for his talent in music and new look. I mean, nobody can hate the young man because he is from the ghetto and he represents them in style.

One Facebook user said- “Sacora Machine” and others too were asking if this was nothing but just a beautiful work of phone filters.

See the screenshot below: