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Romantic Video Of Nana Ama Mcbrown And Husband Maxwell Kissing, Chopping Love As They Enter 2021

January 1,2021.

Maxwell Mawu Mensah, the husband of actress, entrepreneur and television host, Nana Ama Mcbrown, has shared a romantic video kissing Mcbrown in a pool.

The cool and handsome husband of actress Mcbrown has posted a new and rare video of himself and his wife on his Instagram stories as they spend their new year full of love and happiness.

Mostly, such romantic videos and pictures are shared by Mcbrown and not Maxwell himself.

This really depicts that the two share a very tight bond together.

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👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 https://youtu.be/fK149FncTS0



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