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Proud Mom TWERKS in a H0T video at Son’s Graduation [Watch Video]

Recently, during a high school graduation, one proud but voluptuous mother decided to twerk in celebration of her son’s latest milestone.

Black Twitter seems to be split over the mother’s hilarious antics in a now viral video that shows her curbing the traditional way we’ve come to expect folks to react at a graduation. Instead, she has sparked debate across social media about acting in a manner that many consider distasteful.

The video shows the woman in a yellow jumpsuit that leaves very little to the imagination. When her son’s name is called, she begins twerking in front of the shocked audience.

The online reaction to the video is mixed, with many viewers admitting that they’re not sure how they would react during their child’s high school graduation. Others have slammed the mother for stealing the spotlight away from her child on his big day.

It’s possible the mother teased her son that she was going to embarrass him by twerking when his name is called during the ceremony. Maybe they find ratchetness amusing… *KanyeShrug*

Maybe she’s been through hell and back with this kid and just when she thought all hope was lost… he made it to the finish line and she wanted to turnup for the occasion.

Or maybe mom just wanted to wild out in her yellow bodysuit and purple hair.

Folks are also criticizing the school’s resource officer for taking his sweet time to put an end to the mom’s silly display.



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