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Prison officer loses job after camera catches her kissing convict inside cell [Video]

By Admin . August 21,2021

The shocking video, published amid claims of widespread problems at HMP Addiewell in West Lothian, shows inmate Kevin Hogg and warder Rachel Wilson in a passionate clinch

A prison officer has lost her job after secret footage of her kissing a convict in his cell was leaked.

The shocking video published by the Daily Record shows warder Rachel Wilson snogging HMP Addiewell inmate Kevin Hogg.

The incident comes amid claims of widespread problems at the West Lothian prison, in Scotland

In the 79-second clip, Hogg is seen in his white-walled, modern cell where he places a mobile phone on a shelf facing the door and records footage.

He wanders around his cell and appears to take a swig of water to freshen up his mouth.

A few seconds, later Wilson appears at the cell door.

The two can be heard whispering to each other before Hogg grabs Wilson for a kiss, which lasts a few seconds.

When they are finished, Hogg can be heard saying: “That’s what I wanted.”

Prison chiefs have called in police to investigate the footage and said on Thursday night that Wilson no longer works at the prison.

The clip was filmed in recent weeks and is being shared around several Scottish prisons by inmates.

At first it was feared the inmate, who is serving three years for traffic offences, set up the recording to “blackmail” Wilson.

But prison insiders claim it was filmed to give the prisoner “bragging rights” among other cons.

A source at the prison said: “If this was an unwanted approach then she’d have pressed her panic button but she didn’t. It’s clear from the video she wasn’t coerced or frightened. She is a willing participant.

“Rachel Wilson has only been a Prison Officer since spring and was still on her probation period. This video is doing the rounds among the prisoners and other guards as far afield as Barlinnie in Glasgow.

“The video was recorded a few weeks ago. At first it was feared he did it to blackmail her but the fact the video is being shared suggests he’s done it for bragging rights.”

It’s not known if Wilson and Hogg are in a relationship or if this was a first-time kiss.