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Princess Shyngle feel depressi0n and cries out 0ver heart-wrench!ng hair l0ss

Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess

Shyngle has cried out after she observed some strange developments in his body as she has begun to lose her hair.

Princess Shyngle, has plunged back into depression again a month after tying the kn0t. This time around, the cause is not a cheat!ng lover, but a condition that is making her go naturally ba!d.

Princess recently Shyngle posted on social media some videos of her dyed hair, revealing all her edges are gone. Despite not a fan of braiding or ‘dar!ng hairstyles, the curvace0us actress is lamenting why she had lost all her hair suddenly.

She revealed she had been crying for hours nonstop and is lost in thoughts.

Now Mrs Bala-Gaye, she is considering going ba!d in an attempt to regrow her hair from scratch. Her intention has been greeted with mixed reactions from her fans; some comforting her while others are making fun of the situation.