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Pretty slay queens spotted consuming ‘akpeteshi’ in grand style at a funeral [Video]

By Admin . August 20,2021

The internet has erupted after two beautiful slay queens were caught on camera consuming ‘akpeteshi’ (local gin) in a grand style during a funeral procession.

They take very cheap liquor but when you invite them for some company in the evening at a club they behave like they are worth a million dollar Hennessy.

In a viral video gracing the inter-web, a bunch of overrated slay queens can be seen taking very cheap liquor bottled in plastic containers.

In the video shared online, a light-skinned damsel, who was among the mourners, is seen removing a bottle of local gin that was stuffed in her clothes and skillfully putting a tot in a water bottle.

The group can clearly be seen sharing the alcohol in water bottles as they struggle to hide the main container away from the hawk-eyed men; but the camera finally busted them.

The video that was secretly recorded by a mourner who saw the two ladies indulging in alcohol during the burial has sparked reactions on social media.

Below is the video which has sparked a lot of reactions from men who have been left wondering why modern women nowadays have tuned into a big fraud.